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Child of Eden is $10 at Best Buy, and you'd best buy it [update: sold out!]


If you've been waiting for the most insane discount ever before buying Child of Eden, here you go. The Xbox 360 version is on sale for just $9.99. That's basically a rental price. If you're even a little bit interested in rail-shooting your way through surreal imagery to the "Heavenly" tunes of the Genki Rockets -- and you're not already picking it up in a Kinect bundle, for free -- you should just go ahead and pull the trigger (to the beat of your favorite electronic music).

Just make a sandwich at home one night instead of ordering a pizza, and you've recouped the cost of that experiment! No harm done.

Update: We hope you all got in on that deal, because Best Buy is out of stock now. It's ... possible the store will restock it at that price, but we're guessing that's not what will happen.

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