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Innovating outwards: The joining of EVE Online with DUST 514


Even though the PC-using EVE Online and the PlayStation 3-playing DUST 514 gamers may be separated by platform boundaries, CCP fans in both worlds will be joined at the hip in an odd, first-of-its-kind symbiotic relationship when DUST 514 launches. It's an intriguing prospect, but fans are wondering just how CCP is going to pull it off and how the two games will interact in practice.

DUST 514 producer Thomas Farrer sat down with Gamasutra to shed some light on the nitty-gritty details behind the auspicious plan. Farrer says that the buzz over DUST isn't as big as the team hoped, but he thinks this is due to the project taking a completely new angle on the industry: "Often, particularly in first-person games, games often look very inwards when it comes to how they are trying to innovate or move things forward. What we've tried to do is look more outwards."

Farrer outlined how the two titles will share the same economy, corporate structure, and social features. He says that the already-constructed EVE Online universe was a boon to the team's plans, since the established setting provided a perfect backdrop to a persistent shooter MMO, and that the two teams are in constant contact with each other as the project goes forward.

Of course, some computer players are put out that DUST 514 will be exclusive to the PS3, but Farrer acknowledges the slight possibility that it might not always be so: "Right now, we're pretty much just entirely focused on PlayStation. That's what we're going to remain focused on at least for the foreseeable future. But you know, who knows what happens in the future."

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