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LG Optimus Sol hands-on

Brian Heater

The Nokia 500 wasn't the only fresh handset that popped up at the Vodafone booth here at IFA, this morning. We also managed to sneak in some time with the Optimus Sol. The device is reasonably slick for what the company appears to be framing as a relatively low-end phone. At its center is a bright, glossy 3.8-inch Super Amoled display.

The Sol runs Android 2.3 with a single-core 1GHz processor -- which the company points out should be fine for those not doing heavy duty work on the thing. It certainly handled what we could throw at it during our hands-on time. The handset is thin and is reasonably light, compared to the Optimus 2x, which aside from the large four-inch display, looks fairly similar. It should be coming very soon -- some time later this month, most likely, for Vodafone users here in Germany. According to an LG representative, it should run roughly €300 off-contract.

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