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Nike+ not working? Nike says sorry, and is working on the problem


If you're a Nike+ user and you've been experiencing issues with the service lately, you're not alone. According to TechCrunch, enough users have been having problems with Nike+ over the past few months that Nike has sent an email to users apologizing for the service's troubles and promising a fix.

Jayme Martin, VP and GM of Nike Running, confessed to users that "Just like you, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, and right now Nike+ isn't living up to them." Immediate fixes outlined in Martin's letter: "As of today we have increased login speed and eliminated a majority of login failures. We have improved your ability to sync devices, log runs and post information to Facebook. We are also working on a new version of the Nike+ GPS app that will be released shortly. It will introduce some great new features and address some of the recent bugs."

Martin also says that Nike is "working on a brand new platform for Nike+ that includes better coaching, maps and challenges. It will be much faster, more social, and easier to use, providing more information and analysis of your runs."

Meanwhile, if you've been experiencing problems with Nike+ yourself, multiple alternatives to the service exist which offer functionality that meets or exceeds that of Nike+. I've been an avid RunKeeper user for a couple years, and I can definitely recommend that platform to any iOS user looking to track their fitness regime. If your electronic workout partner is an iPod nano, however, Nike+ is still the only game in town.

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