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Valve games show up on Origin [update]

Jordan Mallory

Update: The Valve titles offered by Origin are, in fact, boxed retail copies, rather than downloadable versions as indicated. Seeing as EA has published Valve titles at retail for years, this is less world-shattering than originally thought.

As sentient, probably-intelligent creatures, we as humans like to think that we have a pretty good understanding of the world around us. Our belief systems, while dynamic and varied across creed and culture, all provide for an interpretation of the world around us. We build order out of chaos, but despite how solid we think our understanding of the universe is, the impossible can still sometimes be possible.

EA's PC gaming distribution service Origin is running a buy-two-get-one-free deal, which defies all logic and human reasoning by including Left 4 Dead GOTY Edition, Left 4 Dead 2, and Counter-Strike: Source among its offerings. This echoes statements made to Eurogamer by EA honcho Jens Uwe earlier this week, who said that EA is in talks with other publishers to release content on Origin. We never doubted that non-EA titles would eventually make their way onto the platform, but we didn't really expect Valve to be first in line, considering that the two companies have a bit of a history. Perhaps Valve is extending an olive branch of sorts?

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