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Freddie Wong and Insomniac show us the future of motion control

Jordan Mallory

We're not entirely sure, but Freddie Wong's alleyway may be the most interesting, exciting, and down-right dangerous place on planet Earth. The intrepid YouTube star been Crossfired to death and rolled up by a Katamari along the same narrow stretch of road, and now the asphalt backlot has become a testing ground for the future of motion control gaming.

If the holographic baddies in the Wong's concept video look familiar, they should; Insomniac actually halted production of Resistance 3 for an entire day in order to animate custom Chimera soldiers for the production. Wong claims that the majority of the technology required to build a motion gaming rig like this already exists, albeit in not-quite-so-advanced forms. Much like the angular, massively-wheeled concept cars we have all over our walls oogled as children, Wong's video gives us a glimpse into a future just barely more awesome than the one we'll actually get.

[Thanks, Ashitaka!]

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