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Meet Amy's shiny-eyed support characters, Father John and Prof. Raymond

Jordan Mallory

We still don't have much solid information about Amy, the survival horror/adventure title due on PSN this fall and XBLA "eventually," but thanks to the videos posted up top and down below, we do know that the game's developer is taking the human face very seriously.

Father John (above) is convinced that rampant global catastrophes and the viral outbreak affecting Silver City are sure-fire signs of the End of Days, and like any good man of the cloth he's taken it upon himself to train survivors from the safety of his "shelter-church." Professor Raymond (after the break) is shrouded in even more mystery, if you can believe it: all we know so far is that he's sometimes mentioned by the main character during phone calls, and that he looks completely unimpressed with floating through a featureless black void.

We can't help but be impressed with how much facial fidelity is being squeezed into a PSN title, but publisher Lexis Numerique claims that emotive non-verbal communication is of "critical importance" to the title's design philosophy. "If Amy sees a gruesome creature behind you, she won't have to yell: you will know."

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