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Riot Games shutting down League of Legends for Mac


Bad news for League of Legends gamers on the Mac -- after years of teasing about a Mac client for the popular free-to-play title (I even saw it running way back when), Riot has decided to pull the plug on plans to make the game Mac compatible. There has been a beta client floating around for quite a while now, and there were even servers to run with it. But those servers are going down, and Riot has made the decision to put the Mac client on hold indefinitely. Because of this, and even if you have the software, you won't be able to connect to the game from the Mac version.

Bummer. Riot says it can't "guarantee the quality and frequent updates we deliver today on the PC and are expected by our player community" on OS X, and while there is a long-term plan to make the game available on the Mac, it's not going to be ready any time soon. If you do want to play the game on the Mac, you can load up Boot Camp and install the Windows version. But a native client is a no-no for now.

Fortunately, Mac users are going to get reimbursed somewhat: Everyone who has "a majority of your logins come from the Mac client," and is able to log on between September 2 and 6, can click a reward button will get a Champions Pack for free.

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