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'Zombie Massacre' is another gaming film from Uwe Boll

Jordan Mallory

You know, for as much flak as he gets on the reg, we can't help but respect Uwe Boll's plucky sense of determination. Does he let a cinematic track record that is most politely described as "less than fantastic" keep him down? Hell no! If boxing has taught him anything, it's "don't let abysmal critical and box-office performance keep you from purchasing the rights to video games and makin' movies about 'em." Also, "punch dudes."

The latest intellectual property to climb in the ring with Boll is a bit more obscure than his previous adaptations: Zombie Massacre, an unreleased Wii title from 1988 Games. Now aiming for a Wii U release via an unannounced publisher, 1988 Games tells us that they'll be attempting to sync the game's release with the film's production as much as possible.

The film treatment will be directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori (both of whom co-directed Boll's Italian zombie thriller Eaters) and produced by Boll. No official release date has been set, but you can hop past the break to check out the full poster. We're no Ebert and Roeper, but we're guessing the film's tagline is a bit more apt than they were hoping.

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