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Pre-registrations open for Age of Wulin closed beta

Jef Reahard

Age of Wulin's English-language beta test is quite a ways off, but that hasn't stopped gPotato and Gala Networks Europe from allowing interested players to pre-register. The martial arts MMORPG's Chinese closed beta starts next month, but European and American players won't get to toodle around in the game's version of ancient China until sometime in 2012.

Signing up at the official site will enter you into a closed beta lottery, with the main prize being a European CBT key. Players who register prior to October 1st will also be eligible to win one of five Age of Wulin t-shirts.

The game itself is something of a departure from conventional themepark titles, and we've told you previously about its interesting skill setup and non-combat gameplay options. Age of Wulin also features more than 130 square kilometers of explorable space, eight combat schools, 17 life professions, and upwards of 20,000 quests and NPCs. Head to the official site to learn more and pre-register for next year's closed beta, and check out the latest game trailer after the cut.

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