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You can update your PS Minis Angry Birds -- if you contact customer service


In January, Chillingo put out a PlayStation Minis version of the megahit Angry Birds. Then, in July, it was replaced by one published by original developer Rovio, with better load times and other improvements; however, since it was sort of a new game by a new publisher, players couldn't just update to the new one without paying for a second copy of Angry Birds.

PSN Stores finally got word of a kludgy solution, from Rovio's VP of Franchise Development, Ville Heijari. "...anyone who purchased the older version can contact PSN customer service directly," Heijari said. "PSN customer service will check your account to verify the purchase, and provide you with a voucher to download the new version."

That's a bit of a hassle, but it's definitely preferable to dropping another four bucks on Angry Birds.

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