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A hunting moon rises for Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV's holiday events have been building up steam of late, and a new event has gone live today for players to enjoy. Celebrating the hunter's moon (albeit a bit early), the event plays directly off the lore of the summer festival. A shipment of earrings was made to commemorate the victory of adventurers over the flaming bombards that assaulted Eorzea... but the jewelry was stolen by nothing less than a horde of rats, leaving those same adventurers tasked with hunting down the decorations that should rightly be theirs.

Running until September 20th, the event sees players stalking special monsters appearing around the various hamlets in the game to retrieve an earring. While the event seems a bit simple for the time being, it's quite possible that it will be rolled out in phases, akin to the Easter event earlier this year. Even if not, who wouldn't like to stomp some rats for a free piece of frippery?

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