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Court prevents Galaxy Tab 7.7 from being shown at IFA


It's a little awkward when you have to pull promotional materials for a new product at a trade show because of litigation, but that's where Samsung found itself at this year's IFA in Berlin. FOSS Patents reported (and Bloomberg and Engadget confirmed) that Apple won an injunction against the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Samsung was forced to pull some promo materials at their booth (which they did) and apply "NOT FOR SALE IN GERMANY" stickers to their demo units. Awkward.

Of course, Apple has been doing well in their court battles against Samsung's Tab 10.1 so it's hardly much of a surprise that they won an injunction against the 7-inch version. I'm still going to agree with Steve Jobs that a 7-inch tablet is a little too small for a tablet, and I've got smallish fingers. But this isn't about function so much as form, it would seem, and Apple's continuing legal pressure appears to have Samsung on the run.

Engadget has a ton of IFA 2011 coverage if you're interested in some of the gear shown there -- it isn't all non-Apple handsets, after all. There's the El Gato EyeTV Mobile, for example. Mophie was also present and showed off higher-capacity and less expensive products.

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