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Driver: San Francisco getting free content later this month


Looking to discover some new routes in Ubisoft Reflection's recreation of San Francisco? According to Eurogamer, Ubisoft is gearing up (ugh, sorry) to offer some free DLC for Driver: San Francisco starting September 15 with 12 new downloadable routes compatible with all online modes. From then on out, Ubisoft will offer a free route each week over the next ten weeks.

On top of the DLC plan, Ubisoft has also launched its Driver Club service today, though the website seems to be down right now. Driver Club is supposed to offer exclusive achievements, quick access to leaderboards, stats and clips -- both your own (which you can share) and clips from your friends (which you can rate). There's also a social feed, though we're pretty sure it's just the #DriverSF hashtag.

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