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Ninja Theory head wary of AAA retail model, despite following it with DMC


"We're putting everything into it, the whole studio is focused on it. It's not 'knock it out because it's safe', we're taking some of our biggest risks on this project, we're doing some of our most creative work on it," Ninja Theory co-founder and "chief creative ninja" Tameem Antoniades told in a recent interview, when asked about his studio's latest project, Devil May Cry. "In fact, Capcom wouldn't have given it to us if they wanted a straight sequel, they wanted something new," he added.

He noted all of this before he stated that "there's this stranglehold that the AAA retail model has which I think is just crushing innovation and access to creative content." But wait, isn't Antoniades' studio currently hard at work on a reboot of a AAA retail franchise for a major publisher? "We're in this kind of AAA bracket, I guess you could call it ... the barriers to entry for that are so high, so difficult, that we seem to be getting, being offered, decent work in that area," he explained. "It's hard to say no when you've got a team of 100 and you have to keep the payroll going."

So, Antoniades believes that AAA retail games are "crushing innovation and access to creative content," but that his studio is developing a AAA retail game that features "some of our most creative work." Yup.

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