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Philips Fidelio DS3801W, another ring-shaped AirPlay speaker, does the FCC tango


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Those of you who kinda dug JBL's On Air, but wished it was just a tad more wheel-like, will probably love this AirPlay-enabled speaker from Philips that just passed through the FCC. Burdened with the name DS3801W, this ring-shaped Fidelio unit not only packs WiFi, but a USB port for charging and playing back music from your iDevices, as well as an "MP3-Link" jack (which appears to be just a 3.5mm audio plug) for all your non-Apple players. We got a brief hands-on with its battery-packing sibling, the DS3881w, at IFA and we expect this unit to ship for a little less than that model's $330 price point. Check out the source link for a bunch more images, as well as the user manual and all the RF exposure reports you can handle.

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