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GameStop to start accepting (and reselling) iOS device trade-ins [update]


While we're sure you appreciate that iPod Nano your Nana got you for your birthday, it's not such a great gift compared to your current gen iPod Touch. Sure, you could possibly return it to Apple, but since Nana opened it first to "make sure it came with batteries," that might be a tough sell. If you're a frequenter of GameStop, however, you may be able to use that Nano to get yourself some sweet games.

According to "several sources" close to 9to5Mac, GameStop's all too eager to take your old iPod, iPhone or iPad -- and to sell it to somebody else, of course. These sources say that the announcement was made at GameStop's annual Managers Convention last week in Las Vegas.

Currently, GameStop accepts iOS devices for trade-in, but hasn't announced any plans to sell these old devices in-store or online. We've contacted the retailer for comment and will update accordingly.

Update: We called around to a few GameStops and were told by several people that GameStop will be taking trade-ins on iOS devices, though likely not for a week or two. We were also told by store employees that the plan is to re-sell the used iOS devices, but no pricing had been set. GameStop corporate has yet to comment.

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