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Skyrim's promotional army of Dragonborn coming for you

Justin McElroy

The most important part of any transaction is the close, when the salesperson in question has to be just a little bit aggressive and really "ask" for the sale. But we worry Bethesda might have overdone the aggressive thing just a tad with these bronzed Dragonborn statues headed to a retailer near you.

Good luck buying any game not called Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim after November 11, what with Dovahkiin glowering over you, the smell of mutton and mead still thick on his breath.

"Uncharted 3, peon? That's what you're buying? Well, I hope you're not split on the decision!"

... Oh, sorry, he cuts you in half with a battle axe when he says the "split" part. Forgot to mention.

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