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Choose My Adventure: Ghosts


If any of you have been following me on Twitter, then you know that I have been extremely active in RIFT this week. However, I did not gain the levels I had hoped. I am currently level 17, which is nice, but I had hoped to be level 19 or 20 by now. I will definitely get there this week.

I cannot say this enough: Visually, RIFT is stunning. Below you'll find the gallery of my adventures; I included 19 new screenshots this week. They complement Seriia's story throughout Freemarch and especially the Scarred Mire. The gallery includes some excellent screenshots of Jakub the Tyrant, Alsbeth the Discordant, and March Warden Eliam. My new mount and the Abyssal visions from the daily half-birthday quests also make an appearance.

After the break, Seriia dreams of ghosts and tyrants. Eliam Fields seems to be a home for her; she loves the place. Also, I need your help with invasions -- I am not exactly performing the way I would like to in large group activities. Maybe a new soul will help. Let me know what you think after the break.

Let the Telaran adventure begin!

Gallery: CMA: RIFT | 71 Photos

CMA: First blood
Seriia jerked up from a restless sleep. A moment passed as she got her bearings. With a quick gaze out the window, she recognized Eliam Fields. The moon's glow sparkled over the harvest. The slow churn of the windmill and the soft snore of Kitter the faerie were the only sounds near her. In the distance she heard the snorts of razorbacks.

She glanced to her right as she slowly swung her bare feet over the side of the cot. Kitter stirred but did not awaken as Seriia did her best not to disturb the creature at the foot of the bed. Her armor and warhammer lay next to her on the floor, always within reach. She snatched up her long cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders to keep out the night chill as she stepped outside.

Seriia had just started back inside when she noticed a human shape on the porch, then she settled down as her eyes adjusted to the moonlight. Healer Patrek meditated outdoors. "What troubles you, Ascended?" the old man asked without a stir.

Seriia flashed back to her dreams of a skeletal knight and an evil witch. The woman had called on the heavens, casting lightning toward an ancient, ruined tomb. The knight rose majestically from the earth. His eyes burned of hell's fire as he submitted to the witch. In the dream, Seriia had attempted to scream at the vision but instead awoke in a cold sweat.

Seriia blinked twice. "Nothing. I was just startled to see someone outside this time of night," she replied to Patrek calmly. She took a deep breath of the night air as she sat down next to the old man. Her eyes rose to the sky, absorbing the light of the full moon.

CMA: Riding high
OK, I did not think this would happen, but I am actually starting to enjoy the story wrapped around RIFT -- or at least this part of RIFT. The Scarred Mire story is pretty awesome. Alsbeth raised Jakub from the dead, but the ghost of Eliam battles him in the netherworld. I believe this is the first time I've been so invested in the story of RIFT.

Jakub was a Tyrant king of Freemarch until a man named Eliam raised up an army of common people against him. Jakub died in battle at the hands of Eliam on the fields of the Scarred Mire, where Jakub now haunts. Because of the mass graves, no one is sure of the number who died on the fields. However, what is certain is that Jakub has risen from the grave and is restoring his army as well.

What I found most interesting is that Alsbeth actually called on Eliam to raise Regulos' army of the dead, not Jakub, but Eliam refused and is now fighting against Jakub's army. I cannot wait to get a group together to purge the Iron Tomb of evil.

CMA: Death defying acheesement
I have been very busy this week in RIFT. Besides tackling the ghosts of Jakub and Eliam, I have completed the daily Meridian quests. These quests are incredible for a character of my level. I have been able to purchase a mount as well as gain a couple of levels just with clicky quests. Thank goodness for the RIFT half-birthday.

This week, I would like to try a fourth soul and maybe a second build. Right now, Seriia can handle melee combat pretty well, but when I do invasions I would like some ranged attacks too. (I have only one currently.) As I said in the last article, it makes it difficult to do invasions as melee because I do not have high enough DPS yet to match the other contenders, and I have to chase the NPCs. By the time I get to them, they are usually dead, and I've contributed nothing.

Below are the souls I do not have yet for my class. With the exception of the Sentinel and Warden, these souls have ranged abilities. However, if you believe the Sentinel and Warden will help me out in invasions, I will certainly yield to your choosing. Choose wisely.
My weekly livestream was yesterday, so I will not have my usual Friday broadcast. However, if you happened to miss the event, I have a recording of it here. I will see you next week!

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