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Europe's Sonic Generations CE prevents your death with inclusion of a gold ring


If you're a long-time Sonic fan, it's likely that Sega has already gotten you with Sonic Generations, which celebrates the character's history. But now, the publisher has smartly guaranteed that all those same fans will upgrade to the new collector's edition -- by including a gold ring, something that every Sonic fan exhibits a Pavlovian response to. Ironically, it appears to be a paperweight, and thus designed to make things stop moving.

Along with that trinket, the set includes a statuette of Sonic and his pal Sonic, an artbook with unseen illustrations from the series, a 20th anniversary soundtrack, and a documentary called "History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon." Oh, and there's a PS3 or Xbox 360 copy of the actual game, and a DLC voucher.

This is even more stuff than was included in retail listings for the Collector's Edition. But a few important things won't be part of the deal: there won't be a Collector's Edition for the 3DS version, and there won't be an American release either. This is for Europe only.

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