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Flybus consortium puts the brakes on energy waste, throws it back to the asphalt


For anyone who's logged time city bus surfing, you know there's a heckuva lot of power in those screechy stops and starts. So, it stands to reason there'd be a way to harness that kinetic energy and shuffle it right back to the auto, itself. Well, that's exactly what the Flybus consortium aims to do with a prototype that uses a Ricardo Kinergy flywheel to store energy created from braking, and redistribute it via a continuously variable transmission. The hybrid setup is purportedly much cheaper to produce than current, pricier EV rigs, and would also go a long way towards reducing fuel costs for commercial vehicles. Gearheads eager for a peek at the group's design can get a look-see when it's shown off this month at the Low Carbon Vehicle event in the UK. For everyone else, there are the source links below.

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