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iCloud Communications to change name, drop suit against Apple


Back in June iCloud Communications, LLC of Arizona sued Apple for trademark infringement claiming Apple's use of the word "iCloud" is damaging to their business. iCloud Communications offers cloud computing products and services among their various other Internet and telephony services. However, though iCloud Communications has used "iCloud" in its name since 2005, the company never actually registered it as a trademark. Matter of fact, the owner of the iCloud trademark is Apple.

That little fact put a pretty quick end to iCloud Communication's lawsuit, or should I say, PhoenixSoft/Clear Digital Communications' lawsuit. That's their new name, most likely changed at the request of Apple. Furthermore, iCloud Communication's old domain has been wiped clean, also most likely at the "request" of Apple. PhoenixSoft/Clear Digital Communications will continue to offer cloud-based services, they just won't be doing it with Apple's trademark anymore.

[via Arstechnica]

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