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Spiral Knights adds spooky Candlestick Keep content


If you thought steampunk couldn't mate with adorkable, think again. Spiral Knights, Three Rings' lobby-based action-MMO, delivers both in the consummate concoction of clockwork and cute, and the company recently launched an update bringing new dungeon content to the game. The haunted Candlestick Keep, "all that remains of the once prosperous Owlite Academy," is crawling with undead monsters like Grimalkins, but fortunately, players can make use of colored ward candles to protect them from spookats and open pesky locked doors. The update also adds challenging new Danger Rooms, a revamped Crash Site, and cash shop tweaks.

Our own free-to-play guru Beau Hindman took a stroll through the game way back in March, deeming it "repetitive but really fun." It is currently available for download on the official site and as part of Steam's F2P offerings.

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