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Foxconn reportedly producing 150k iPhone 5s a day


A report from Taiwan's Digitimes says that Foxconn is churning out the unannounced iPhone 5 hardware at an alarming rate -- over 150,000 units a day. That's crazy, and it means Foxconn is racing to get shipments up to 5-6 million units total by later on this month. All of Apple's contractors are working around the clock as well, funneling components into Foxconn to create the new iPhones.

This may not all be for the rumored September release; reports are also saying that Pegatron Technology has been contracted for about 15 percent of Apple's iPhone orders, though Pegatron may not start shipping those orders until sometime next year. That doesn't mean we won't see an iPhone 5 announced as expected, just that Apple's setting up for some major demand, even off into the future.

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