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Minecraft 1.8 update leaked by Mojang


Minecraft's massive Adventure Update 1.8 has been leaked -- by Mojang right-hand man, Jens Bergensten, or Jeb. Minecraft creator Markus Persson is content with the leak, as shown through his subtle use of a winking emoticon in this tweet, and the following message, which says, "(I am fine with you using it. Make sure you get it from the leaked url we are hosting, though)."

Jeb affirmed his part in the leak with yet another emoticon, in the long-eyed equals-sign style, on a Reddit post. Jeb had previously tweeted he would upload the jar file for "expert users," which is exactly what he did nine hours later. If you're an expert Minecrafter, download the file here and get your adventure started.

When a developer leaks its own game a few days early, we think that should just be called a release. But hey, what do we know?

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