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Planetside 2 to be freemium in some form, beta coming late 2011/early 2012


How free will Planetside 2 be? So, so free. At least, in some part, according to Sony Online Entertainment prez John Smedley. In two recent interviews, Smedley confirms the long-awaited sequel's business model, saying, "The game will be F2P. What form will it be? We're still working that out." Smedley specifically notes that the team is looking at Riot Games' enormously popular League of Legends as a model, meaning you can pay for visual upgrades, but not for ability upgrades.

Those excited about the upcoming sequel will get a chance to go hands-on in the coming months, as Smedley also promises a beta by the end of 2011 or early 2012. That said, it could be a bit longer, as he also notes that the beta will be "ready when it's ready and we are proud of it."

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