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Star Command sends out Kickstarter call for epic sci-fi SFX, Android port


Star Command, an ambitious indie iOS title we've been keeping an eye on, is holding a Kickstarter to make the game all it can be. Star Command puts players in charge of a starship, flying through the galaxy to explore or destroy all the little lifeforms they meet along the way.

"We have already absorbed quite a bit of debt getting the game going, and we want to get AAA music and SFX, another developer for Android conversion, as well as just promoting the game," Justin Coombs, designer and art director for the four man team at Boulder-based developer Warballoon told us. "The music and SFX probably get downgraded pretty significantly without the support, and we just have to figure out Android without it as well."

"We had considered doing some warm up projects, but we just couldn't really get this grand adventure out of our mind, so we just went all in," Coombs said about taking on such a big project for their first game. "iPhone and Android get parlor games and physics demonstrations -- with games like Sword and Sworcery being the exception. We don't want Star Command to be a good mobile game, we want it to be just a great game, in the conversation with PC and console releases."

Warballoon is currently "deep in alpha" testing with the game and hope to have a beta ready by the end of the month. The team is still planning to launch Star Command this year. Head on over to Kickstarter if you want to see Star Command come to fruition on iOS and Android.

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