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Super Crate Box iOS's controls demonstrated


We can't help but worry about the controls in the iOS version of Vlambeer's Super Crate Box, since we're pretty bad at the PC/Mac version even with a controller. The above video, demonstrating the virtual d-pad controls on an iPad, helps ameliorate our concern, as the player appears to be successfully moving around! Of course, if you want a real controller, it also supports the iCade cabinet.

In the blog post containing that video, Vlambeer also addressed Muffin Knight, yet another mobile game cribbing from one of Vlambeer's designs, this time Super Crate Box. The developer remained sanguine about the situation, saying that "Muffin Knight isn't a 1:1 clone of Super Crate Box," and even praising the effort that went into the theme and design. "We think Super Crate Box iOS & Muffin Knight can easily co-exist without biting each other & for us, that places it a long way ahead of Ninja Fishing."

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