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Hit Box stickless fight stick makes for malicious Mortal Kombat mayhem

Jordan Mallory

Run of the mill controllers work just fine for hanging out with a group of scrubs friends and frantically beating the hell out of each other, but serious, tournament-ready fighters have to either invest the coin in a well constructed stick, or build one themselves. If your fighter of choice is Mortal Kombat, however, Hit Box says you're better off with no stick at all.

As we discovered last year, Hit Box manufactures custom controllers for fighting game enthusiasts which eschew traditional joysticks for more buttons. Thanks to Mortal Kombat's relatively simplistic input philosophy (all directions, no circle movements), the Hit Box is capable of some blindingly fast and accurate maneuvers. Be sure to teleport past the break for a second video showcasing the Hit Box's capabilities as a destroyer of worlds.

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