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Final Fantasy XIV previewing beastman strongholds and UI improvements

Eliot Lefebvre

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV are eagerly anticipating the arrival of patch 1.19, which promises to bring no shortage of improvements to the game's mechanics and content. The previews of the patch are still ongoing, and the latest round covers both the changes coming to the game's UI and the upcoming strongholds for the beast tribes. Strongholds are described as challenging content for groups of adventurers, requiring a party to fight through guards to reach a central notorious monster, with the first preview covering the amalj'aa compound known as Zahar'ak.

The UI changes include the long-requested feature to make aetheryte, retainer bells, and similar environmental objects directly targetable. But that's the least of the improvements that include a UI lock feature, several adjustments to text colors to help indicate item quality and rank, and an auto-compare feature for equipment bought from vendors or retainers. While there's still no word on exactly when FFXIV players can look forward to the update going live, all signs point to "soon" for the latest major update.

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