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Team Meat teasing Mac/Linux version of SMB with anniversary celebration

Justin McElroy

Super Meat Boy is coming up on his birthday, and his two dads are celebrating the only way a dad can mark any milestone: A really great mug. They're $15 and frankly they're just adorable. But friends, we didn't entice you here with promises of new drinkware choices, no, you want to know about the possibility of SMB on Mac or Linux. Fair enough.

While teasing the SMB birthday festivities (planned throughout November) Team Meat's Tommy Refenes wrote "perhaps you non-PC people will finally get what you are constantly bugging us for," which sounds an awful lot like the arrival of the aforementioned ports.

Usually, we'd have to be pretty desperate to cook up meat that's a week old, let alone a full year, but we'll make an exception in this case. (Other exception: Stew. You put some year-old meat in a pot, add some broth, a potato, baby, you got a stew going.)

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