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Clone Wars Adventures celebrates its anniversary with free money and guns


It's time for bounty hunters, Jedi, smugglers, and Sith alike to come together for Clone Wars Adventures' anniversary celebration. From September 12th to September 16th, Sony Online Entertainment will be providing players with a wealth of free shinies to commemorate the occasion.

For starters, any players who log in while the celebration is going on will receive 5,000 Galactic Credits to spend on whatever their hearts desire. Logging in once again on the 15th will net players the first of a pair of anniversary-exclusive versions of Captain Rex's chrome plated blasters, named Vigilance. To top it all off, log in on the 16th and purchase Station Cash for your account, and you'll be rewarded with the second of the pair of blasters, known as the Negotiator.

For the full details and fine print, head on over to the official Clone Wars Adventures site.

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