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Jetpack Joyride update adds new jetpacks, one Phil Larsen


The thing about joyriding is that it's a chaotic act, one that has no motivation or plans beyond the need to take a ride in the name of joy. Halfbrick's latest, Jetpack Joyride, embodies that spirit -- only with jetpacks. And today, a new update adds a couple new rides to race around in, MTV Multiplayer reports.

One of them is a new vehicle named Mr. Cuddles, a giant fire-breathing dragon. Also added are a new jetpack which pays homage to the company's original hit, Fruit Ninja, and Halfbrick's head of marketing, Phil Larsen, who makes an appearance as a playable character skin. He's perfect for crossing two things off on your bucket list: playing a game as a head of marketing and playing a game as a former Joystiq employee. Congrats, Phil!

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