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Nerdy Day Trips guides traveling technophiles, could use your input

Darren Murph

It's like DayZipping, tailored for nerds. Nerdy Day Trips has just taken the wraps off of itself, launching a "slightly in development" website that aims to give jetsetting technologists a guide for their upcoming excursions. Put simply, users can navigate around the world and find published day trips that involve shockingly geeky things -- you know, like a quick jaunt out to see Tokyo's monumental Gundam statue or The Robot Museum in Nagoya. As it stands, almost all of the recommendations are in the United Kingdom, but that's not to say it'll always be that way. The company's already planning to improve searching, develop a mobile app, integrate a social networking aspect and showcase places to stay near said trips, and you can help expand the database by tossing in trips that you've already accomplished. As for us? We'll have our endeavors to ESPN's 3D haunts, Westone's headquarters and Ferrari's Italian lairs in there shortly.

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