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Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and more dated


Not content with the mini-flood of 3DS news out of last night's Nintendo 3DS Conference? Nintendo of America has some exciting news tailored to American tastes, including release dates for its two biggest upcoming 2011 releases.

Super Mario 3D Land will travel into America (and into your screen, thanks to the 3D effect) on November 13; it'll be followed by automotive adventure Mario Kart 7 on December 4, which now has a gyro-controlled first-person mode. You know, for the real feeling of being atop a tiny go-kart driving into a banana peel. Check out a trailer after the break.

Additionally, the Wii's Mario/Dragon Quest board game, Fortune Street, is teaching us Slime economics on December 5, and the DS Fossil Fighters sequel is coming November 14. What we won't see this year is Paper Mario for 3DS -- that, along with Luigi's Mansion 2, is slated for 2012.

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