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Gomite Tiltpod magnetic tripod: snapping awkward family photos just got easier


Nothing ruins a Kodak moment faster than taking a timeout to set up a tripod, which is why the folks at Gomite went magnetic when developing its tiny new Tiltpod. Designed for compact cameras or video recorders, magnets enable users to sidestep the whole "screw-in" process that typically eats away precious pre-shot moments. The underside is made of an elusive "grippy material," enabling it to perch easily on rocks, car hoods, bathroom sinks or any other odd place you may want to recall vividly. Kind of like a cheaper version of this guy, the Tiltpod is available online now for a cool $17.95. For those still struggling to grok the purpose, there's a gallery's worth of explanation just below.

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Gomite introduces the tiltpod, the worlds first magnetic quick connect micro tripod for compact cameras and video recorders.

San Francisco, CA – Amazingly small and versatile, the tiltpod's high-strength magnetic base is designed to remain attached to the camera's wrist strap. Perfect for taking sharp low-light shots, self-timer group photos, and stable video. The included pivot point attaches to the camera and can be quickly connected and removed from the base. The underside of the tiltpod's base is made of a grippy material, so it holds on inclined surfaces, wood, rocks, you name it. Since the base is magnetic, it also helps it stick to inclined metal surfaces like car hoods, metal fence posts, or even refrigerator doors!

"The inspiration for the design came after countless group photos and night shots precariously stabilizing the camera by stuffing the wrist strap, rocks, twigs or whatever we could find underneath it to hold the camera at the right angle to properly frame the shot." shares Mike Strasser, co-inventor of the tiltpod. "We wanted it to be always ready, a snap to use, and not interfere with the convenience of having a camera that fits in your pocket."

The tiltpod can be ordered online at It comes with a camera wrist strap, a magnetic base, and two pivot points; one that screws into the tripod socket and a second that adhesively sticks to the camera for when the tripod socket is located off-center. The tiltpod retails for $17.95.


* Amazingly small and versatile, stays attached to the camera's wrist strap (included).
* Perfect for taking sharp low-light shots, self-timer group photos, and stable video.
* High-strength magnetic base can be quickly attached and removed from the camera.
* Grippy base holds on inclined surfaces, wood, rocks, you name it!
* Perfect for most all compact cameras and Flipcam video recorders
* Comes with a camera wrist strap, a magnetic tiltpod base, a screw mounted pivot, and an optional stick-on adhesive pivot for cameras with off-center tripod sockets.

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