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Majesco earns slight profit in quarter thanks to Zumba Fitness


Majesco sweated its way to a profit of $1.9 million for the third quarter ending July 31, 2011, with company execs thanking their lucky stars for the Zumba Fitness phenomenon. The company had revenues of $19.5 million, up 61% from the same time last year. The real sign of Zumba Fitness' magic is that for the nine months ended July 31, Majesco had revenues of $100.2 million, up 92 percent (nearly double), from the same period the prior year.

"Despite what is normally a seasonally weak time for our business, Majesco experienced another strong quarter. Driven by strength in Europe this past quarter, Zumba Fitness has now sold over 3 million units worldwide," CEO Jesse Sutton said. "The growth of the Zumba phenomenon overall has us very excited about Zumba Fitness 2."

Yeah, we bet it does.

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