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Bentley offers Mac mini, iPads option for 100,000 euros


Bentley is showcasing a new Apple-centric option in its Mulsanne line of luxury automobiles. The add-on package will install one Mac mini and two iPads in the over-sized V8 Touring car. The Mac mini is hidden in the trunk and connected to an LCD installed on the interior ceiling. The LCD swivels down from the ceiling and sits in between the rear seats. There's even a Magic Trackpad to control the computer.

In the center console, there are controls that open two trays in the back of the front seats. Each tray has an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard so you can work while you're being chauffeured all over the town. This highly desirable Apple package is a concept Bentley is showing off. It may or may not land in an actual car. If it is eventually offered, the package will cost 100,000 euro (US $138,580) on top of the car's 250,000 euro base price ($346,00).

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