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Champions Online lets you vie for the kingship on a hill

Eliot Lefebvre

Who doesn't want to be recognized as the king of a hill? No matter where you go, as long as people can see the hill, they will know that the hill is all yours. That's probably not quite why Champions Online has added its brand-new King of the Hill PvP mode to the game, but it's certainly on the list. It's a chance for heroes to fight for dominance of a given point, with the attackers steadily gaining in power as the defenders struggle to hold their spot for seven minutes.

Wondering how the mode came into being or just want to see how it will play? Then peek past the break for a video walkthrough of this new opportunity to take up arms against your fellow costumed crusaders. Or take a look at the recent Behind the Mask column covering just this mode, which should put you well on your way to asserting dominance over the hill of your choice. It's good to be the king.

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