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Skype for Mac 5.4 beta adds Facebook integration (and ads!)


Skype has released Skype for Mac 5.4 beta, which adds Facebook integration to the VOIP app. After downloading the beta, users have the option of linking their Facebook account to their Skype account. Once linked, all Facebook friends appear in a special "Facebook" section of your Skype contacts list. Moving your cursor over a contact's name allows you to select whatever phone number they have listed in their Facebook information and place a call to it from Skype. Double-clicking on the user's name instantly starts a Facebook chat.

The beta also features a version of your Facebook news feed right inside the Skype app. You can see the latest news in your news feed or post a status update all from within the app. Unfortunately this news feed functionality looks like it was designed for a poor man's Facebook mobile app, so many people will probably just opt to check their feeds on the website.

There's one more "feature" to Skype for Mac 5.4 beta: ads! Yes, for the first time Skype users will see ads in the app (thanks, Microsoft!). However you can get around the ads by buying a Skype Premium account or keeping a balance on your Skype credit account.

You can download the Skype for Mac 5.4 beta here.

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