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WoW Moviewatch: The Adventures of Crimnox (and Sproodle)


Work warning: Tiny bit of cursing, some blue humor, and lots of lawlz.

We don't usually cover webcasts, vlogs, and other formats on Moviewatch. While I love the format and watch most WoW vlogs that I've found, it just isn't a form of video that works out well for this column. The Adventures of Crimnox (and Sproodle) is special enough to warrant a spot.

Wowcrendor and Jesse Cox are experimenting with roleplaying by recording their sessions in video form. The series has lots of voice acting from the machinima veterans and more than a few silly jokes along the way.

While I'd caution you not to take these videos as truly representative of roleplaying, they sure are a lot of fun to watch.

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