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Allods Online gets fabulous with Astral ship interior design


Ahoy there, Astral ship captains! Is your ship looking a little dull? Perhaps you'd like to go all Queer Eye on your captain's quarters. Well, now's your chance. Allods Online's patch 2.0.06 is en route to players, and it brings Astral ship owners the ability to customize the interiors of their vessels.

Perhaps you think that painting tasteless. Replace it with a Van Gogh! Tired of dirty Gibberlings tracking mud all over your expensive hardwood floors? Put down a rug. Then wrap them in it and throw it over the balcony. The possibilities are endless. The new decorations can be purchased with Ship Coupons, Collector's Coins, Special Coins, and gold. So get our your color wheels and get to coordinating. You wouldn't want your drapes to clash with the carpeting, would you?

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