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Final Fantasy XIV gearing up to celebrate its foundation

Eliot Lefebvre

Another holiday is just around the corner for Final Fantasy XIV players, but this one is a bit different than the usual fantastic interpretations of real-world holidays. No, it's Foundation Day, a day celebrating the formation of the original Grand Companies of Eorzea nearly a thousand years ago, starting on a day that will be quite familiar to anyone who has been playing the game for... well, just about a year now. (Surely there's no need to spell that out.)

Starting on September 22nd and running until October 11th, the event will see recruitment officers for each of the companies stationed in the three cities, attempting to elicit more permanent membership from the adventurers running about. Exactly what the event will entail isn't yet known, but it's a safe bet that it will involve company seals and tie in to the upcoming expansions of the company system in patch 1.19. It also hints that we may see that patch on an obvious date, considering that the event will likely have to be patched in...

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