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Overheard@TGS: Just how long is that sword in Asura's Wrath?


If you read our preview of Asura's Wrath from Gamescom, you might remember that protagonist Asura battles a god named Augus on the moon. Augus chooses to end this fight by lunging at Asura with a very long sword, launching him right off the moon and all the way back to Earth. At this point, said sword impales Asura and the Earth, eventually popping out of the other side of the planet. Like we said, it's a long sword.

Thanks to Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of developer CyberConnect2, we now know exactly how long it is. During an interview with Joystiq, Matsuyama gleefully informed us that the sword is 380,000 kilometers long, or roughly the average distance from the Earth to the moon. Another fun fact: At one point during development, the sword didn't actually emerge from the other side of the planet after impaling Asura.

In other words, at some point -- perhaps during a very official business meeting -- someone at Capcom or CyberConnect2 said, "You know, I'm not sure the sword is long enough."

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