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Ree Soesbee wraps up Guild Wars 2's Asura Week

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The final day of Asura Week has arrived for Guild Wars 2 fans, and Game Designer Ree Soesbee takes the wheel with a mixed approach.

Her look at the race combines hard facts with a short story about an Asura Krewe working through a dangerous task in its own devious and complicated fashion. The rest of the entry takes a deeper look at things we've learned about the Asura during the rest of this week: the political system, the various colleges, and the inner workings of Krewes.

This entry serves as a nice wrap-up to Asura Week, highlighting the core of who the Asura are: highly intelligent, driven little guys with a ruthless desire to be the best and brightest. Head over to the ArenaNet blog for the full story.

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