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Transfarring coming to US version MGS HD [update]


Update: According to Konami's Twitter feed, Transfarring is coming to the US PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

Original story: The coming PS3 HD edition of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was supposed to include Hideo Kojima's cloud-saving gem, Transfarring, to share game saves between the PSP and PS3 -- notice the past tense "was supposed to." Transfarring will only be available in Japan when Peace Walker releases in November, according to Konami's information packet from TGS 2011.

Kojima had previously said Transfarring would be available for every Kojima Productions release in the future, although to be fair, he didn't say where it would be available. Even if Kojima only releases it for himself and he spends the remainder of his days Transfarring, alone, that's still technically available. It's also kind of rude.

We've contacted Konami for clarification.

[Thanks, Marc!]

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