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Tour GREE's massive TGS booth


The biggest booth on the TGS show floor, as far as we can figure, isn't Sony's or Capcom's -- it's the one occupied by mobile social game service GREE. GREE offers games from major publishers, including Sega, Capcom, and Square Enix, in major franchises, for phones. And we're not talking iOS or Android experiences, specifically -- we saw mostly regular cell phone games.

But it's working, since GREE had the money to splash out on this big booth experience -- including capsule toy machines that are used for a labyrinthine swag process. First you play a game, then you get a "medal" which you're directed to put into one of the machines. The capsules have numbered slips of paper, which you then bring to a desk to exchange for a prize. I got a notepad.

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