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Crazy Eddie's TGS 2011 Trailer Blowout! It's an Asura's Dogma Army Online of savings!

Jordan Mallory

That's right folks, it may still be Sunday here in the states, but in glorious Nippon it's already Monday, and that means these Tokyo Game Show trailers are priced to move! Our manager is out of town and we've gone crazy!! Just look at these prices:
Are you still reading this? You'd have to have a toolbox for a head to pass up an opportunity this golden! Jump past the break and find out why Crazy Eddie's Discount Trailer Emporium and Rustic Furniture Showcase is still your number one source for new and used video game footage!

Army Corps of Hell:

Dragon's Dogma:

Asura's Wrath:

Phantasy Star Online 2:

Resident Evil Revelations:

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