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Samsung countersues Apple in Australia, claims iPhone / iPad 2 violate its patents

Darren Murph

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Man. Exciting stuff, here. Stuff like lawyers yelling at each other in varied continents because "your stuff looks too much like my theoretical stuff." The long, winding and increasingly mind-numbing battle between Samsung and Apple has taken yet another turn in Australia, with the former slapping the latter with a bold countersuit. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sammy feels that the iPhone and iPad 2 both "violate a number of wireless technology patents held by Samsung." Spokesman Nam Ki-yung stated the following: "To defend our intellectual property, Samsung filed a cross claim for Apple's violation of Samsung's wireless technology patents." The suit is being filed just days / weeks before a ruling will decide on whether the Galaxy Tab 10.1 can be legally sold Down Under, and in related news, Samsung is also appealing a recent ruling back in Germany. If ever the world needed an out-of-court settlement...

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