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Microsoft locks Metro-style apps to Windows Store, developers and enterprise keep sideloading privileges


Microsoft's battening down its hatches, and restricting distribution of Metro-style apps to its Windows Store. Developers and enterprise customers (as well as Win32 desktop apps) get the slide this time 'round the OS reboot, with continued and unfettered access to sideloading on the platform. The decision, much like Apple's approach to iOS, falls in line with Redmond's current Windows Phone 7 app policy, leaving the wild, wild west of unpoliced apps to users of Android's open-source ecosystem. Of course, it's only a matter of time before denizens of the interweb's shadowy underworld hobble together a means of bypassing MS' security measures, and open the floodgates to nefarious apps. We're still waiting to get our hands on those Win8 slates, but in the meantime, look forward to a curated experience.

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